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This site provides great AutoCAD tutorials for new students of AutoCAD. The BEST place to learn AutoCAD for free, much better than most paid courses. The lesson format was used in my CAD classes I have been teaching previously.

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Please note these lessons are for private, individual use as well as public K-12 schools. For all other use either acquire a License or contact me for a quote. The time stated is a rough estimate how long it takes to complete the specific tutorial level.

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CAD Level 1: Getting Started with AutoCAD

13 Lessons - 9 hours​ (~40 min each)

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If you teach AutoCAD, you know it can be a challenge for students of varying backgrounds to learn the program. Our tutorials have been used in schools for years - Help yourself and your students, and give them a complete AutoCAD course that teaches the software. The lesson format was used in my CAD classes I have been teaching previously. Learn how you can use these assets in your classroom.


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Test yourself with quizzes. Each tutorial includes a quiz at the end of it and each level of tutorials has a quiz which lets you review the material after you have learned it. Take the quiz and check your scores instantly - then move on to the next lesson! This is a great way to learn AutoCAD online.

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