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myCADsite.com has been owned and operated by Art Whitton since 1999. I was trained in Mechanical Engineering and Drafting and later found that I had a knack for teaching. These tutorials began as lesson notes that I wrote for a class that I was teaching at a Design School for new AutoCAD users. I have since continued to update them and adding new material as time allows.

I have enjoyed hearing about the success that my online 'students' have found after learning a new skill and applying it to their career. I hope that everyone who visits myCADsite comes away with new knowledge.

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All material is written and produced by Art Whitton of Chester Nebraska. I've been using AutoCAD since 1995 and try to stay up date with the latest versions and techniques. I enjoy hearing from my online 'students' - and especially appreciate hearing of success stories where a student has gone on to earn a job or get further ahead in school.

Why use myCADsite?

There are lot of different ways to learn AutoCAD, so why should you consider investing your time in myCADsite? First of all, this site has been teaching users for over 15 years, providing a complete CAD course for FREE. You'll be learning in a structured method that will teach you the basics and give you a solid foundation from which you can build. You'll also learn all of the most common commands and techniques that drafters use in their daily jobs. I've worked with AutoCAD in a number of jobs and found that for a program that is this complex, most users only tap the surface. Learn what you NEED to know and master those tools.

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