When I'm not doing CAD work, I can usually be found taking photos. This page includes some images I've taken that I think you'll enjoy using as wallpapers for your desktop.

To get the image you want, just click on the size of your screen resolution below the images. The image will appear in a new window. Right click and choose "Set as Desktop Background" (if you are using Firefox) or "Set as Background" (if you are using IE).

Flatiron Building Seagull Wallpaper Kansas Sunset

Flatiron Building 1280x1024

Gull 1280x1024

Kansas 1280x1024

Flatiron Building 1024x800

Gull 1024x800

Kansas 1024x800

Flatiron Building 800x600

Gull 800x600

Kansas 800x600

La Jolla Sunset Santa Fe Library Heron Wallpaper

La Jolla 1280x1024

Santa Fe 1280x1024

Heron 1280x1024

La Jolla 1024x800

Santa Fe 1024x800

Heron 1024x800

La Jolla 800x600

Santa Fe 800x600

Heron 800x600

Lighthouse Wallpaper Coastal Haze Wallpaper Santa Fe Wallpaper

Lighthouse 1280x1024

Haze 1280x1024

Santa Fe 2 1280x1024

Lighthouse 1024x800

Haze 1024x800

Santa Fe 2 1024x800

Lighthouse 800x600

Haze 800x600

Santa Fe 2 800x600

Las Vegas Wallpaper Joshua Tree Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas 1280x1024

Joshua Tree 1280x1024

Red Rock 1280x1024

Las Vegas 1024x800

Joshua Tree 1024x800

Red Rock 1024x800

Las Vegas 800x600

Joshua Tree 800x600

Red Rock 800x600

Hoover Dam Wallpaper Grand Canyon Sunflower Wallpaper

Hoover Dam 1280x1024

Grand Canyon 1280x1024

Sunflower 1280x1024

Hoover Dam 1024x800

Grand Canyon 1024x800

Sunflower 1024x800

Hoover Dam 800x600

Grand Canyon 800x600

Sunflower 800x600

Bug Wallpaper Old House Wallpaper Old Bridge Wallpaper

Wheel Bug 1280x1024

Old House 1280x1024

Old Bridge 1280x1024

Wheel Bug 1024x800

Old House 1024x800

Old Bridge 1024x800

Wheel Bug 800x600

Old House 800x600

Old Bridge 800x600

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